Shark Vacuum Reviews

Updated on January 1, 2023

When it comes to shortlisting the best, Shark vacuum cleaners are a line of professionally made exquisite home cleaning solutions that you cannot ignore. Continually evolving and improving, they come in a wide variety of designs and technologies. Their major technologies include a lift-away cap which would make it easy to detach the canister for easier access to hard to reach alleys and corners of your home. A built-in Anti-allergen seal technology and the HEPA filter ensures maximum prevention from allergens and dust. In our latest line-up of reviews, we shall be looking at the 10 top rated for sale at the moment. We would also look at a floor cleaning robot which is the ultimate when it comes to automated floor cleaning.

Top 10 Best Shark Vacuums

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away, Red (NV501)

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)There are many salient features of the NV501 Red which makes it a great choice for your home cleaning purposes. One of them is the Lift-away mechanism that releases the canister so that you can probe the vacuum to areas which are difficult to reach otherwise. Shark designates the NV501 to be a 2-in-1 vacuum. You get both an upright design and a lift away mechanism for more efficient cleaning. The NV501 comes with a premium quality pet power brush. Many of us struggle with our pet’s hair. With the powerful pet power brush, it is possible to clean pet hair much more easily than with a normal head. The same goes for dander which is lodged deeper in the carpet.

Another powerful feature of the NV501 is the HEPA filter which comes together with the Anti-allergen complete seal technology. These prevent 99.9% of the anti-allergen in the air from messing up your family’s health.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356EThe NV356E is another Shark manufactured lift-away design, which ensures that you can ditch the canister and then engage the cleaning head inside areas which are harder to reach otherwise. Shark uses a technology that they trademarked as Hard Floor Hero, a technology which is something that you would be interested in if you don’t use carpet in your home and love it bare. This technology is ideal for bare floor cleaning. The NV356E also has HEPA filter and the revered Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology.

The other major feature of the NV356E  is the brushroll shutoff system to adjust for different types of surfaces. The weight of the vacuum is 13.7 lb – Higher than some of the other Shark vacuums that we have reviewed but not unusable by any means. It comes with a host of accessories for easy cleaning of all types of surfaces.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away, Lavender (NV352)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Lavender (NV352)The Shark NV352 is a lift-away upright design which is conveniently used by making the most of the handle feature. There is a canister feature on the vacuum as well which can be lifted easily and then maneuvered to reach areas where you would normally not be able to reach with the canister attached to the stick. Two more standard features on the NV352 are the Ani-Allergen Complete Seal technology and the HEPA filter which guarantees 99.9% of the dust and allergens that create a host of health issues in every home.

At 12.5 pounds this is one of the heaviest that we have reviewed. Notwithstanding, this is one of the best Shark vacuums in our opinion. It is sleek and functional at the same time. The large cleaning head ensures that each swipe covers a large area of the floor.

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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light, Orange (HV302)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light, Orange (HV302)Even though this is an upright vacuum it is quite a lightweight design at the same time; just 8 pounds. But the best thing about the HV302 is that it has a welcoming dual functionality design. It doubles up as a handheld vacuum on demand. An attachment that is perfect for use over hard floorings has been provided in the box too. Attach this when dealing with hard surfaces for intense vacuuming with ease.

Also attached is a microfiber pad. This pad ensures effortless lifting of debris as well as fine dust from the floor when cleaning. Apart from these, a host of small accessories have also been provided which ensures that you can use the vacuum for dealing with all cars, upholstery, sofas and other areas of your home which are normally not possible to be reached using the normal cleaning head.

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Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless, Fuchsia (SV1112)

Shark Rotator Freestyle Pro Cordless, Fuchsia (SV1112)The SV1112 is a freestyle pro design upright vacuum cleaner which comes with a rotator design. This is a cordless model meaning after charging you don’t have to depend on the umbilical cord attached to the AC mains. You can take it to any corner of your home and clean it most efficiently. It also comes with a two-speed brushroll which ensures that your Shark vacuum is optimized to work on all types of surfaces whether it is carpet or hard bare floor.

The Freestyle Pro also has a set of LED headlights located on the nozzle. This allows you to look for debris and dirt when doing the floors. Finally, the dust cap has extra-large capacity and is quite easy to empty too. Therefore when it is full you can easily clean it ready it for the next workout.

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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet, Bordeaux (NV752)

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet, Bordeaux (NV752)Like most reviewed here, the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet is an upright design and is almost certainly regarded as a heavy duty vacuum. The canister can be taken off easily and then there would be additional room for you to move the vacuum around to reach those hard to access areas of the home. The NV752 incorporates what is known as the TruePet Motorized Brush as well as the Pet Multi-Tool which is great for lifting away stubborn pet hair which may be embedded in your carpet.

Additionally, there is a Power On/ Off button for the mode to switch from hard floor to carpet mode quite easily. On top of that, the vacuum also comes with an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter. These two would be responsible for cleaning away 99.9% of the dust and allergens that are harmful to your family and pets. One of the best Shark vacuums of its type, this one is very popular and one of our favorites too.

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Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight, Charcoal Gray (HV382)

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Ultralight, Charcoal Gray (HV382)The HV382 comes with what is known as DuoClean technology. This technology uses a bristle brush that adds to the whole aspect of deep vacuuming theory. In addition to these a soft brushroll is also provided. These are responsible for sucking up larger debris and dust particles and for polishing the floor at the same time.

The HV382 is a very lightweight vacuum. It converts into what becomes a 4.6 lb hand vac when required adding to its already impressive feature list. There is also something known as the Brushroll garage for easily accessing this critical aspect of the vacuum for maintenance purposes. The HV382 comes with a Pet Multi-tool for pet hair removal from all types of surfaces. There is also a set of LED headlights for easy location of the debris and dirt.

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Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum, Lavender (SV780)

Shark Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vacuum, Lavender (SV780)This handheld vacuum cleaner is a powerful tool for your home. A cordless design ensures that you can reach every corner of your home without being tied to the AC mains all the time. Perfect for cleaning all sorts of surfaces, the SV780 comes with the twister cyclonic technology which provides extremely consistent suction never mind the surface that you are tackling. The vacuum comes with a TruePet Motorized Pet Brush technology which ensures a majority of the pet hair gets picked up during vacuuming.

The device is powered by an 18V battery which ensures longer working minutes than most other handhelds on the market. It also comes with a dusting brush accessory as well as a crevice tool for reaching those hard-to-reach areas. Overall a nice and functional design that will be a useful addition to your home cleaning arsenal. Be sure to check our other handheld vacuum reviews if you’d like to compare or take a look at a few more options.

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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light (HV301PL)

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light (HV301PL)The HV301PL is an ultra-lightweight Shark vacuum cleaner with upright design and a lightweight frame. The weight of the HV301PL is only 8 lb which makes it fairly easy to use for the long duration of time without becoming tiresome and makes it great for elders and youngsters alike. But the fact that this is an upright design means you should not face any problems using it by any means, thus not struggling with back pains after regular usage.

The Shark Rocket comes with a Dust-away hard floor attachment and a washable microfiber pad as well. The vacuum is quite capable of picking up small debris and fine dust with equal élan. There is a switchover option that changes the cleaning head from being suitable for varying pile carpet to hard floor cleaning in an instance. It also comes with a swivel steering mechanism best used for maneuvering the vacuum around your home and around the furniture. Dual storage options allow the dust storage to be mounted either on the stick or to the wall mount.

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Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity (RV750)

Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity (RV750)The Shark Ion RV750 is a voice-controlled floor cleaning robot, that has the added bonus of Wi-Fi connectivity. The RV750 is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Built-in Wi-Fi ensures that it can be controlled using a smartphone/device. But if you have Amazon Alexa, you can control it using selected devices that are compatible. And to make the deal sweeter the device also works with Google Home. The ROBOT 750 has a self-cleaning brushroll that is capable of capturing a whole lot of pet hair easily. The device comes with a smart navigational system that would seamlessly sense any obstacles in the area and avoid them.

Other features of the device are dual spinning side brushes and a long life lithium-ion battery which lasts for about one hour when you are cleaning. Click here for more robot vacuum reviews.

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There are different types of shark vacuums marketed today. All of these products are designed with the sole purpose to clean your house or office space thoroughly and efficiently. It is up to you what type of product suits your needs best, but it is highly recommended that you consider some factors before purchasing one.

Overall, all of the above Shark vacuums are excellent choices, but you need to ensure that you purchase a vacuum that will allow you to effectively clean both hardwood and carpeted flooring down easily. The type of vacuum you purchase would also affect how often it needs maintenance work done on it, which again goes back to its quality, price, and performance in cleaning your house or office space.