Miele Vacuum Reviews

Updated on January 11, 2023

There are a number of reasons why you would choose a Miele vacuum cleaner over any other brand. They are tough, durable, easy to operate, and come with a huge array of technologies. For example, some Miele vacuum cleaners employ the FiberTeQ floor tool, which is extremely suitable for the purpose of vacuuming most types of surfaces. The AirClean filter system is yet another tool that they use. This feature retains all of the suspended particles, allergens, and other harmful elements found in the carpet and upholstery, trapping them inside the filter. These and other technologies make Miele one of the top rated vacuums around. On that note, let’s review ten of the best Miele vacuum cleaners for sale in 2023.

Top 10 Best Miele Vacuums

Miele Classic C1 Olympus

Miele Classic C1 OlympusThe Miele Classic C1 Olympus is a bagged canister vacuum that combines the power of suction with an extra-large handle to conveniently clean even the farthest points in your home. The operating radius of the telescopic stainless steel handle is a staggering 29.5 feet. The design incorporates a Classic FiberTeQ floor tool. This is perfect for vacuuming those low-pile carpet types or rugs that are difficult to clean with traditional handles.

Additionally, when you have to clean smoother surfaces, and therefore don’t need extra suction power or intensive cleaning, you can simply toggle the control switch and the machine will be reset to its lower power setting. The Miele Classic C1 Olympus comes with a bunch of accessories for more cleaning options.

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Miele S2121 Olympus

Miele S2121 OlympusThe Miele S2121 Olympus canister vacuum cleaner is a very lightweight home-friendly tool. Being lightweight, however, isn’t its greatest unique selling point. The maximum operating radius of the S2121 Olympus is 29.5 feet. Though not as high as the Complete C3 in our Miele vacuum reviews discussed below, it is really quite lengthy. The reach should be enough for you to access even the remotest corners of your home with ease.

Another good feature is the six-step rotary dial-controlled suction regulator. This allows the power to be adjusted commensurate with the type of dirt or surface you are faced with. The combination floor tool is also very versatile, being able to transition from vacuuming really stubborn carpets and rugs to effortlessly tackling smooth surfaces like tiled or marbled floors.

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Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition

Miele Complete C2 Limited EditionOne of the stand-out features of the generously corded Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition is its Turbo Comfort turbobrush. This technology comes with the air-driven rotating roller brush technology. When used this would first loosen the stubborn dirt on the floor, or anywhere else for that matter before the main brush takes care of the rest. The technology is robust enough to be used on almost all types of flooring, including low-pile carpet and rugs as well as smooth floors.

The machine also has a special Limited Edition, Rug & Floor Combination nozzle. This one ensures a 180˚ coverage area for the cleaning head. The radius of the power cord is a phenomenal 33’. This means even the hardest to reach areas of your home can now be within your clutches.

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Miele Compact C2 Onyx

Miele Compact C2 OnyxThe Miele Compact C2 Onyx is a corded small canister yet extremely powerful vacuum cleaner. This tiny hurricane of a surprise comes with a Turbo Comfort turbobrush, which is ideal when faced with large areas that are covered with carpet or rugs. The second is a Parquet Twister floor brush which is ideal for smooth floors. Twin brushes designed for special purposes gives the Compact C2 Onyx more power and better vacuuming capabilities.

The telescopic wand reaches a height of 33’. A host of accessories has been provided with the device e.g tools to reach those deep crevasses or tight corners that traditional heads cannot reach. You also have an upholstery tool for vacuuming sofas and chairs.

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Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition

Miele Complete C3 Limited EditionIf you’re after the best Miele vacuum, the Complete C3 Limited Edition is not far off from holding this title. It is an upgraded tool to the Complete C2 Limited Edition that we have already discussed above. The C3 contains all of the features that the C2 has. These would include the turbo comfort brush. This air-driven rotating brush works like a pulverizer for dirt. Once the dirt is dislodged from its position, the cleaning head then takes over. The floor brush is good enough to be used on both carpet and smooth tiled floors with equal efficiency.

The motor can be adjusted to control the suction power too. This is controlled using a +/- switch located close to the foot of the machine. This is extremely convenient because you don’t need the same cleaning power for all surfaces. The machine has an operating radius of 36 feet.

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Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog

Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and DogThe Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog bagged upright vacuum cleaner encompasses the proprietary Active AirClean filter system. The technology uses active charcoal layers that absorb pet odors very effectively. This system is one of the best in business for reducing unwanted pet odors in your room.

Like most other Miele vacuum cleaners this too features the well-designed electrobrush technology, which is ideal for solving the problem of having your cleaning head adapt to different surfaces that you come across. No need to change cleaning heads; the same one works on stubborn carpet as well as smoother tiled floors. The machine comes with a series of accessories that include a useful dusting brush and a nozzle to reach into those difficult corners and crevasses.

Of our Miele vacuum reviews, this is a great choice if you’re after an upright, and possibly the best vacuum for pet hair especially if they are cats or dogs.

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Miele S7210 Twist

Miele S7210 TwistThe Miele S7210 is an upright design that comes with the patented SwivelNeck technology. Many times when vacuuming homes consumers complain that a stiff cleaning head becomes difficult to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. The SwivelNeck powered head of the Miele S7210 is extremely maneuverable and ideal for these purposes. Plus, you also get an automatic height adjustment feature for those multi-floor scenarios. An AirClean filter mechanism keeps any and all allergens and other harmful suspended particles sucked into the vacuum inside the filter.

Along with these features, the S7210 also comes with a rotary speed control dial. This feature allows you to adjust the power according to the surface and the nature of the dirt that you need to clean. An array of additional tools including a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, plus a crevasse nozzle complete the whole package.

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Miele S7280 Jazz

Miele S7280 JazzIn recent times many people have begun to prefer canister vacuums as opposed to uprights, complaining about maneuverability. The reason being these generally can be maneuvered in tight places and corners. The Miele S7280 Jazz upright vacuum cleaner has a patented SwivelNeck technology. This is what makes the device stand out from the rest of the upright vacuum crowd.

You also have the four-stop power adjustment option which ensures the right power level can be selected for the commensurate cleaning requirement. Another standout feature is automatic height adjustment which is perfect for homes with different types of floors. Other features include HEPA filters and Miele’s AirClean system. Both of these technologies ensure that harmful allergens and suspended particles extracted from carpet and floors are retained inside the filter system of the Miele S7280 Jazz.

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Miele Swing H1 Quick Step Universal

Miele Swing H1 Quick Step UniversalUpright vacuums are often considered to be lesser in terms of cleaning power because they do not have the same convenience such as the flexible hose and telescopic handles of canister vacuums. But the new Miele Swing H1 QuickStep is no mug. To start off the brush is designed in a way so that it can work effectively on any surface, be it rugs or tiled floors. When vacuuming floors the integrated glide mechanism ensures a smooth experience.

When dealing with rugs or carpet the same brush assumes a more intense regime. The transition is effected using a toggle switch located at the base of the machine. Accessories provided with the lightweight vacuum cleaner ensures that tight and difficult to reach areas are easy to access. The presence of AirClean technology ensures that 99.9% of the elements inside your home that can potentially damage your health are retained within the filtration system of the vacuum.

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Miele S194 Quickstep Universal

Miele S194 Quickstep UniversalThe greatest advantage of the Miele S194 is that it’s extremely versatile. Versatility in the sense that it can be configured and reconfigured into several configurations. You can transform it to access crevasses and tight corners and then just as easily transform it to deal with sofa upholstery. Inside an AirClean filter ensures the worst elements floating in the air of your room are captured and kept within the lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner after a full workout.

The Miele S194 also features the FiberTeq technology. This is instrumental for giving the cleaning head its diversity so that it can work equally well on all surfaces. It can tackle rugged carpet just as easily as it can slippery smooth tiled or marble floors.

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Miele vacuums are rated among some of the best in the world. However, they are quite expensive. The first problem with most Miele vacuums is the cost. They cost from $100 to over $1000 depending on how many features you want. Typically, Miele vacuums come with a wide array of features that make them stand out from other vacuums in their field.

Also, if you want one that requires minimal maintenance, another issue is the warranty on them. Miele vacuums are known for a long service life but most of them have a warranty of few years.

In our opinion, Miele vacuums are the best of the best. These high-class, durable, and expensive products and any of the above models should give even the fussiest consumer a delightful experience.