Expert Vacuum Cleaner Reviews & Buying Advice

Vacuum cleaners are still to this day considered one of the most effective ways of cleaning up. Their versatility makes them invaluable in cleaning up not only in residential areas but also in commercial situations. Due to the variety of needs, there have been several variations invented. These inventions include but are not limited to the upright, canister, stick, handheld, for pets, robotic, and backpack types. We appreciate it can be hard choosing the best vacuum cleaner in this day and age, given the abundance of choices. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to save you the hard work and hassle of scouring through the research, and instead present you with a selection of vacuum cleaner reviews of the different types available.


BackpackThe backpack vacuum is ideally suited for commercial use and situations requiring a heavy volume of vacuuming. It can be connected by a cord or even run on a cordless battery system and is worn on one’s back like a traditional backpack. The backpack vacuum is not suited for average everyday residential use due to its size and particular design, but that’s not to say it cannot be used. Companies primarily market it to clean-up and janitorial services. It features a large hose that produces an extremely powerful suctioning system and normally has a canister that can be easily emptied and cleaned. A downside of many models is that if it runs on a battery charging system the user will most likely need to charge the battery after each use. Read the reviews.


CanisterThe canister vacuum cleaner is a type specifically designed to clean hard-surfaced floors but performs great on carpets too. The motor and bag are usually separated and mounted on wheels. It generally comes with a plastic brush used to clean bare floors, a turbo brush used to clean small rugs, and a power head used to clean wall-to-wall surfaces. The mobility of the canister type makes it very easy to implement for commercial purposes but is also very popular for the everyday home user. The wheels make manoeuvring the canister vacuum cleaner very easy and ideal for many situations. This type has been popular for a long time and is still ideal for both home and commercial use. Read the reviews.


HandheldSimilar to the stick, the handheld vacuum cleaner is small, lightweight, and perfect for quick, easy clean-ups of couches, small areas, or light messes. These inexpensive devices are well suited to function as a complementary option to the other types we have already mentioned above. The handheld is extremely easy to use and normally turns on with a simple push of a button. As technology has advanced, so has the suction ability, thus making them more powerful options for everyday home usage. Many companies have begun to release their own version of handheld types because many consumers are beginning to see the benefits of using them. Read the reviews.


UprightFor residential homes, the upright has long been the choice of consumers. It is ideally functional for cleaning the carpets of homes. They offer powerful suction abilities along with unparalleled ease of access. They also have several options, such as dual motors, HEPA filtration, and even triple motors. When considering an upright vacuum cleaner, there are several factors to weigh in, such as the company, bag vs bagless, and even certain special features. Some features you can look for include suction control options, dirty bag indicator, and type of floor controls. Even after many years, this is still the preferred type of vacuum. Read the reviews.

Pet Hair

For Pet HairAnother newer invention in the world of vacuums has been the creation of speciality types. One of the most popular specialities is the vacuum for pet hair. These are specifically designed to pick up pet hair and dander. Due to the fineness of their hair, these vacuums have specially designed brushes so that the hair will not clog them. The tubes are normally larger, allowing for easier passage too. Many consumers are opting for these due to their ability to offer a better cleaning option if they have pets.


RoboticWith the advancement of technology in robotics, there has been a new entry into this particular industry. The robotic vacuum has recently taken the world by storm. A robotic vacuum cleaner allows consumers to press a button and have their robot start cleaning the house. You can even schedule the device to come on while at work or shopping, and come home to nice clean floors, whether tile or carpet. Not only does it function automatically, but it also will clean the floor in a pattern, ensuring that every portion will be cleaned equally. As the robotic industry makes advances, so too will the world of robotic vacuums, which are hailed as the future of vacuuming as a whole. Read the reviews.


StickShort on time and need that mess cleaned up in a hurry? Then look no further than the stick. This is ideal for small and quick clean-up situations, where you don’t need a more heavy-duty machine. They normally contain a small bag or canister to contain the dirt that is vacuumed up while cleaning. The design of the stick makes it so that it works similarly to a broom allowing the user not to put any undue stress on their backs. These machines are ideally suited for small residential clean-ups and perhaps suit those after a lightweight, low-duty session. An added advantage of these is that a majority of them operate on battery, so are cordless. However, corded ones exist too. Read the reviews.