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Updated on January 11, 2023

Have you ever experienced frustrating and tiresome difficulty while cleaning with your typical upright vacuum cleaner? Without the right tools, one of the most difficult things you’ll have to deal with is cleaning not only huge areas, but also tight spaces, ceilings, and stairs. Fear not, because these days, commercial grade backpack vacuum cleaners are growing in popularity in lieu of both upright and canister models, and at a much more affordable rate than ever before.

These heavy duty backpack vacuum cleaners can be considered the future of vacuuming considering the lightweight design, powerful efficiency, and affordability. But of course, not all backpack vacuum cleaners are the same. There will be those that perform better than others. To give you an idea of how to choose the right one for your needs, here are some things that you might want to look into, followed by some backpack vacuum reviews to help you along.

Top 10 Best Backpack Vacuums Compared

Backpack Vacuum Reviews

Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac Pro

Hoover Shoulder Vac Pro Bagless Commercial Vacuum CleanerThe Hoover Commercial C2401 Shoulder Vac is a top of the line device that can be used for offices and other industrial settings. Made especially for professional cleaners, it has an ergonomic design which features a chiropractor-designed harness that has the intention to minimize stress on the person’s back.

What makes this a favorite among professional cleaners is its ability to help improve the air quality. It makes use of HEPA filter that can help minimize the chances of asthma and allergic reactions. The only problem with the Hoover Commercial C2401 is that it can get warm when used continuously, and therefore may not be suitable for long hours of use during the summer.

Like with most industrial vacuum cleaners it comes with a good variety of attachments. The accessory pack has a 6″ crevice tool, 11″ floor tool, 2″ dusting brush and a 4″ upholstery tool. It has a long 48-foot power cord and weighs only around 9.2 pounds when empty, and carries up to 6.4 quarts of both dust and debris.

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ProTeam Super CoachVac

ProTeam Super CoachVac Commercial VacuumThe Super CoachVac is not your typical home vacuum cleaner. Flourishing in commercial environments, it was designed for large areas such as gymnasiums and other similar huge indoor areas that require thorough and efficient cleaning on a regular basis. Super CoachVac allows you to quietly clean an area with ease with its powerful motor and accessories designed to deal with different surfaces. It also has a body-friendly design that minimizes stress and possibilities of injuries during long hours of cleaning.

It also makes use of HEPA filter which allows the area being cleaned to have better air quality and have lesser chances of irritants flying around. The ProTeam backpack vacuum cleaner can get rid of 99.97% of allergens in the area it is cleaning.

With various attachments, the 10-quart capacity bin, and a very lengthy 50-foot power cord, all combine to make it good for extended periods of thorough usage which in our opinion makes it one of the best backpack vacuums of 2023.

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GV 8 Qt Light

GV 8 Qt Light Commercial Grade VacuumIf you are looking for a powerful backpack vacuum cleaner that can accommodate a decent amount of dirt and debris, the GV 8 Qt Light is a good option that you can go for. The machine is capable of tackling all surfaces ranging from low pile to high pile carpets, and hardwood floors. It offers 8 quarts capacity for dirt and debris. In addition to this, it also performs well on different surfaces that it needs to deal with. The GV 8 has a lightweight design which weighs around 10 pounds. It has a generous 25-foot cord that gives you the mobility to clean a good amount of area, as well as extending the range to outdoor areas such as your car, boat or truck.

Additionally, it is also known for its 4 stage Hepa filter which guarantees that you don’t have to worry about asthma and respiratory ailments due to allergens from the indoor setting. Included is a plethora of attachments, and a 2-year warranty.

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GV 6 Quart HEPA Vac

GV 6 Quart HEPA Industrial Vacuum CleanerMolded with polyethylene, this GV vacuum cleaner is known for its durability and handling industrial cleaning responsibilities. It weighs a mere 12 pounds while operating on a 10 AMP motor. According to its manufacturer, it can move 104 cubic feet of air in a minute to guarantee efficient cleaning in different business and industrial settings.

And unlike other industrial vacuum cleaners, this only makes 65 decibels of sound. It works well with a HEPA filter which allows the area to be clean and free from potential allergens. Included is a commercial grade tool kit which makes it easier to clean a particular area.

Full of accessories it comes with a crevice tool, duster brush, upholstery tool, steel wands, floor tool for hardfloor surfaces and also a floor tool for carpeted surfaces. Also, there is a 2-year warranty, which is longer than most of the 1-year warranties we see on this type of product.

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Commercial Grade Atrix VACBP1 HEPA VacuumThe commercial grade 1400 watt 12 amp 120 volt Atrix HEPA backpack vacuum cleaner is considered a cost-effective solution for people looking to clean a large area with ease. It has a HEPA filter bag which gives you the opportunity to minimize allergens in the area in the most hygienic manner. It also has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably on one’s back, and lightweight too given that it only weighs 10 pounds.

This model is a favorite among many large establishments such as hotels, casinos, and other areas that require regular, thorough and efficient cleaning. The downside to the product is that you will need an extension cord if you prefer to clean a larger area. Although almost any of the other reviews here will require an extension too, at least there is more flexibility in the first instance, unlike with the 2-foot standard cord with the Atrix.

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Shop-Vac 2860010 6.5-Peak HP Industrial

Shop-Vac 2860010 6.5-Peak HP Industrial Vacuum CleanerIf you want a commercial backpack vacuum that is efficient in its use, not to mention can meet the requirement for easy storage, the Shop-Vac makes an ideal option for you. This heavy-duty device is great for all environments such as offices and schools as well as the home, but it is also great for renovation clean up too. It is designed to aid mobility as it has an adjustable harness, not to mention at 8 pounds it is lightweight. It can also help you clean hard to reach areas efficiently given the 4 feet of hose and 25-foot power cord.

Though not exactly quiet, its noise is tolerable compared to other backpack vacuum cleaners for sale on the market. Being a bagged design, the downside for this product is that it can only be used for dry vacuuming which is a major let down in this day and age.

It comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind. The accessories included are a 1/4-inch LockOn hose, 2 x metal extension wands, dual surface nozzle, cartridge filter, and a disposable fine dust collection bag.

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Sanitaire GIDDS Quiet Clean

SANITAIRE Commercial Vacuum Cleaner with 50' Power CordSince commercial vacuum cleaners are used to clean large indoor areas, it is important that the user experiences less fatigue. The Sanitaire backpack vacuum cleaner is something that can come in handy in these scenarios. It offers cleaning efficiency and ergonomics. Designed to fit on your back ergonomically, it can be used for a long number of hours with minimal stress on the user. It also has a load dispersion technology which is known to provide balance and long-lasting comfort to its user.

Included is a 50-inch power cord which gives the user the mobility he or she needs when cleaning a particular area. It can hold as much as 10 quarts of dirt and debris.

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Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Clean

Sanitaire EURSC412B Quiet Clean Commercial VacuumAnother fine example from Sanitaire is the Quiet Clean Backpack Vacuum Cleaner. With just an 11.5 pound weight, it allows you to carry with minimal fatigue. It also features a four stage HEPA filter which allows the area not only to be clean but also free of potential allergens and irritants. The 11.5 amp motor allows cleaning efficiency even on hard to remove dirt. It has a quiet design rated at 69 decibels.  It also makes use of a cord that is 50 feet long which allows you freedom and mobility to suck up dirt through the 12″ wide opening.

The 6-quart capacity is plenty for industrial and home users alike, and comes with a 2-year warranty should you need it.

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ProTeam ProVac FS 6

ProTeam ProVac FS 6The 6 quarts ProTeam ProVac Commercial Backpack Vacuum is growing in popularity in hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial settings by the day. It offers flexibility when it comes to cleaning different surfaces ranging from carpets to couches and does it a great job too.

For starters, the backpack vacuum cleaner only weighs around 11.6 pounds which is already 50% of your average upright vacuum cleaners and has an adjustable padded harness for maximum comfort. It has included a two-piece wand that is also lightweight by design and easily tackles hard to reach areas. It also makes use of a four-stage HEPA filter which blocks allergens very effectively. The 50-foot cord allows the user to clean freely without worrying about getting caught out with no extension cable.

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ProTeam Super QuarterVac

ProTeam Super QuarterVac For Industrial UseThe smaller sibling to the already reviewed Super CoachVac, the QuarterVac ProTeam backpack vacuum is high-quality cleaning equipment that can meet both residential and commercial cleaning requirements. This practical machine offers a 6-quart capacity and lightweight design which gives its user the ability to use for long hours of cleaning without risk of fatigue. It also quietly operates at only 67 dBA and features HEPA filters that can take out allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It is known for providing better air quality by reducing the allergens in the area by as much as 99.97%.

The ProTeam Backpack Vacuum is also known for versatility since it can clean different surfaces from ceilings to different types of floors and without having to unplug the 50-foot power cord. And with an ergonomic and functional design, not only does it reduce discomfort; its design when worn properly can also prevent accidental contact with both walls and doorways.

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Backpack Vacuum Buying Guide

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomics is an important consideration that you have to make when choosing anything that will be used regularly for such a long amount of time. The harness should be comfortable and fully adjustable. Before you buy an industrial vacuum cleaner, check whether it is lightweight and easy to carry around. Vacuuming large offices or shop floor can sometimes take hours. If this is done on a daily basis, before you know it there will be aches and pains radiating along your back and shoulders. A good commercial backpack vacuum cleaner should also follow the contour of your back in order to avoid any potential injury that might occur.

Powerful Motor

High performance and power should always be considered when it comes to an industrial vacuum cleaner. It needs to have a powerful motor in order to clean dirt stuck in between the fibers of your carpet. Keep in mind that there are those manufacturers that offer a more powerful motor than others.

HEPA Filter

A set of HEPA filters for vacuumsWhether your backpack vacuum is going to be used in a commercial environment or in the home, it is important that you prevent the presence of allergens. Most of the best vacuums offer good filtration systems which keep harmful substances from circulating into the air. However, it is ideally recommended to have a vacuum with HEPA filter that concentrates on the small things that may not be present to the naked eye. This can help make sure that your air quality is safe.

Quiet Performance

Not only powerful, but it is also just as important to have a quiet motor. This makes sure that other people inside the house or commercial space can still enjoy peace and quiet with minimal distractions when you clean. Modern-day backpack vacuum cleaners are known for their quiet performance which allows these devices to be used even in busy offices whilst people are working away. Some are as quiet as 65 dBA which is impressive for such a machine.


Large tank capacityIt is crucial to evaluate how much dirt the vacuum cleaner can accumulate. This gives you an idea of how you can work continuously without discarding the dirt that you’ve collected every now and then. Most backpack vacuums will hold anything from 6-10 quarts, which is fine, but try to seek one with the biggest bin for less disruptive runs.

Power Cord

Some people may not find this an important factor, whilst others will nod in agreement. Although it is common practice to use an extension cable when vacuuming large spaces with backpack vacuums, there is also a requirement to sometimes use without an extension cable. For example, not every home user will have one at hand. Additionally, in a commercial environment there may be numerous cleaners who may need to share, or perhaps have forgotten or lost their extension. It’s not uncommon for extensions to blow either. These minor obstacles can be the difference between whether the place gets vacuumed or not, purely because a short power cord may not provide 100% coverage of the area in question.

Parts and Warranty

Wear and tear is always a factor when it comes to commercial vacuum cleaners that are constantly used in large spaces. If you need to replace worn out parts, are the spare parts easy to come by? If you can’t find the right spare parts that match the model that you have, are there alternatives such as third-party brands that you can rely on? One of the easiest things to look for in the first instance is the length of the warranty. Most backpack vacuums tend to come with 1 or 2 years warranty, which is great, but the longer the better.

Price range

Also, like when buying anything expensive, you will need to make sure that it is within your budget. Is the cheapest vacuum always the best out there? In reality, this isn’t always the case. There are times when you’ll need to spend a bit more than the cheapest deals to get exactly what you are looking for.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a backpack vacuum cleaner, it is time that you check the top products that we’ve come up with.


When it comes to choosing the best backpack vacuum, there isn’t a huge amount of choice on the market in 2023. There aren’t many brands to choose from, and most of them are differentiated by a few distinguishable features and patents. With that in mind, the ProTeam backpack vacuums on review here are a good place to start. Whether you need it for janitorial duties in an office setting, or simply to carry around for various mess around the home, the ProTeam Super CoachVac wins our vote every time.