About Us

Welcome to choosevacuum.com, the one and only place you need to visit if you’re after a new vacuum cleaner.

This site, as you may have gathered, is dedicated solely to the household appliance, which goes by many names, such as a vacuum in most parts of the US, and a hoover in the UK. Wherever in the world you may be, choosing this cleaning machine can be a difficult task, which is where we come in.

My admiration and knowledge for the machine grew from when I was a child, to the point where I had so much to share it wasn’t enough just fixing them, I wanted another channel to vent my excessive thoughts and experience, which is when I started this site. It was initially a bit too technical and was more like a knowledge base for other technicians, but that’s not the vision I had in mind. So I redesigned and redone the entire website to a review and buying guide style now, which appeals to the masses and reaches many more readers than I could have hoped for.

I hope to continually improve and develop choosevacuum.com for our own fulfilment, for new readers, and for loyal followers too.

If there are any specific products that you would like us to review please use the contact form to make a request, and I will see what can be done.

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Many thanks